SEO For Podiatrists: What are the top 5 Tips For Your Practice?

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Whether you’ve just opened your podiatrist practice or you’ve been a medical service provider for a while, you surely could benefit from getting new patients. Referrals and word of mouth are great methods of finding new patients but they’re not enough on their own.

Have you invested in a website yet? An online presence is a non-negotiable for any business today. What’s more, to bring in the desired results your website needs to follow certain rules. There’s no point in it being live, if no one can find it.

This is where SEO comes to play. SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a process of convincing search engines that your website and your business are worth their attention. If you’re successful they will suggest your website to users searching for relevant queries.

Appearing in search results related to podiatry in your area is an amazing business opportunity. Make a commitment to your practice today by diving into our best SEO tips. Thanks to them you’ll find new clients and strengthen your practice’s reputation.

1. Create a Podiatrist Website for Your Audience

First and foremost, when you create a website you need to make it user-friendly. Your visitors should be able to find information about your podiatric practice easily. User experience and SEO go hand in hand.

Always keep your target audience in mind. Your main visitors are going to be a mixture of new and old patients. When they come to your website they want to learn or confirm where you’re based and how to contact you. Make sure that the most important details stand out and that the page is easy to navigate.

People who have found your website online also want to learn why they should choose you over another practitioner. Don’t forget to feature your achievements, ratings and anything else that makes your podiatric clinic unique.

You should also remember that people use mobile phones at least as much as they use computers. The impact of mobile search on SEO is significant and is growing.
At the same time, only 13% of pages have the same ranking for all devices. Keep in mind this opportunity to stand out when designing your website.

2. Keep Your On-Site SEO in Check

On-site SEO means all the efforts on your website to please search engines. If you already have a website, you should check whether there are any issues with it. You can do it by using an adequate tool such as Ubersuggest.

For new websites remember about the following for great on-site SEO:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Internal links
  • Tags
  • Content

If that sounds a bit vague, check out Neil Patel’s simple guide to SEO to find out more about them. To deepen your knowledge even further consult our search marketing handbook.

3. Get a GMB Page

Google My Business is a listing that allows new customers to find your business easier through Google Search. Your profile may also appear on Google Maps. For the best results, it’s important that you include all the necessary details on your page.

It’s your GMB page that will help you rock the local search. Standard SEO efforts (such as on-site SEO) mostly improve your ranking for general searches. This is beneficial but for a podiatric practice your local reputation is particularly important.

People not only want to find great podiatrists but more specifically, the ones who are not too far from them. In other words, a Melbourne specialist may be amazing but a resident of Adelaide is unlikely to visit them.

A GMB page definitely makes it easier for the right audience to find you. Happy patients can also add reviews of your practice that will be linked to your page. This can increase your visibility and authority.

Some people may share their opinion just because, but a little encouragement doesn’t hurt. Simply ask for reviews. The easier it is for your patients to post their feedback, the more likely they are to do it. You can help them help you by including clickable links in your emails or text messaging.

Setting up a GMB page isn’t rocket science, but it’s important to do it right. The best place to look for tips on how to do it is Google My Business Help Centre.

4. Use Social Media Wisely

The relationship between social media and SEO isn’t entirely straightforward. In other words, no matter how great your Instagram posts are, they won’t make you rank on page one of Google.
As much as this is true, social media may impact your SEO in many ways such as increasing brand reputation or visibility. What’s more, people sharing your posts contribute to authority signalling.

This by no means suggests that you should spend time posting on all social media channels. Every social media network has a different target audience and type of content it prefers. Tik Tok, for example, is aimed at very young people. The type of content that’s popular there isn’t appropriate for a podiatric practice.
You should carefully consider pros and cons while choosing the best social media platform for your business. There’s no point in wasting resources on something that won’t give you results.

5. Don’t Forget About SEO

As a podiatrist you know that being a professional means staying up-to-date with the developments in your industry.
In this way SEO isn’t much different to podiatry. Just like research is being conducted to improve treatments, search engine algorithms are being tweaked to better match the requirements of users.

This means that SEO is a constant effort. What’s considered one of SEO best practices today, may be neutral in a few months and harmful in a year.
If you want to do your website’s SEO right, you need to be prepared to put some time into studying industry trends. Then you should update your website accordingly.

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Staying up to date with the newest SEO guidelines is a part of our job. You can rest assured that your website will be the best it can possibly be thanks to our services. Contact us today and tell us about the results you want to see.

Thanks for reading. I hope you got some value!