Our Process



We learn as much as we can about your business, ideal customers and growth goals.


Discovery Call

During our initial consultation, we’ll establish your current landscape and future objectives gathering info to lock down a scope of work, timeline, and budget.


Solution Recommendation

After our discovery call we'll make tailored recommendations based on your businesses specific needs and goals.


Review + Approve Contract

Once the recommendation is approved, we will write-up a comprehensive master service agreement and statement of work for you to review, redline and e-sign.


Strategy + Planning

We fine-tune our strategy, creating a custom solution that meets your specific marketing goals.


Kickoff + Pre-Launch Discussions

We set aside time for a kickoff call to introduce the team and go through any last questions ensuring we have all the information necessary to help grow your business.


Strategy Customization

Armed with all the vital info and data, we tailor our strategy where needed to maximize your marketing return-on-investment.


Campaign Setup

We build out every element of your campaign into our project management tool with dates and deadlines so the path to success is clear.


Execute + Measure

We take action and track everything so we know where we’ve been and where we’re going.


Campaign Launch

We launch our strategy with an initial focus on the low-hanging-fruit. This lets us get some quick wins while staying on course towards what’s going to deliver long-term ROI.


Reporting Setup + Access

With analytics implemented we can track and report on all campaign KPIs. We will provide you access to our real-time and 100% transparent reporting platform ‘Insights’.


Monthly Performance Reviews

We set aside time each month to catch up and go through the previous month’s results, work completed, wins, losses and everything in between.


Optimize + Grow

Growth through relentless reiteration and optimization.


Reiterate + Optimize

We reiterate our processes and strategy optimizing towards what's working and away from what isn't - increasing efficiency and maximizing results.



This consistent reiteration and optimization allows us to drive improved performance month-on-month while delivering growth and both a short-term and long-term ROI.


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