Wasp Blasting

Consistent domestic & commercial blasting leads.

Working across both domestic and commercial/industrial projects WASP have been providing Melbourne with leading mobile and onsite abrasive blasting solutions since 1989.

Channels: SEO, Google Ads, Website Development

The Challenge

When we first partnered with Wasp they weren't doing much online. They had a very basic website which wasn't getting a lot of traffic.

They had limited exposure online for key search terms relevant to their service offering and subsequently little traffic and no inbound enquiries.

Their website was dated, slow, and lacked key conversion-optimisation tactics commonly used to generate maximum engagement from site visitors.

The Solution

We developed a completely custom digital strategy encompassing organic and local SEO, pay-per-click Google Ads as well as a new website.

For SEO, we audited their website identifying areas for improvement from a technical, on-site, off-site, content and backlink perspective.

We also developed a completely new website which improved user-experience, page loading speeds and gave us the best opportunity to rank their site highly in search engines and maximise engagement of site visitors.

The Success

We've now been partnering with the Wasp team since 2016 and continue to work with them to drive successful outcomes across all their digital campaigns.

They've been receiving a consistent stream of inbound leads across domestic and commercial/industrial projects through their SEO and Google Ads campaigns while also increasing their conversion rate since the new website has gone live.

The Highlights

- 3X increase in ranked keywords

- 201% increase in organic traffic

- 150% icnrease in conversions

- 174% decrease in Google Ads cost-per-click