SkyCo increased calls for concreting projects by 140%

Before partnering with Digital Assembly, SkyCo Group had a zero presence online and were struggling to keep busy consistently. We built them a new site and doubled their traffic. Now they're receiving more concreting project enquiries than ever.




Increase in conversions


Increase in organic traffic


Decrease in ad spend

Skyco Group are Melbourne's specialist concreting contractors offering expert concrete solutions for residential and commercial projects.
SEO, Google Ads, Website Development, Brochure Design

The Challenge

Before partnering with us, Skyco had a dated and unengaging website and were struggling to keep busy - save for the occasional referral.

They had zero exposure online for concrete related search terms and as a result no inbound leads.

The Solution

We created Skyco a customised digital strategy encompassing organic and local SEO, pay-per-click Google Ads as well as a new website.

For SEO, we audited their website identifying areas for improvement from a technical, on-site, off-site, content and backlink perspective.

For Google Ads, we built out targeted ads that appeared in their focus suburbs for their most valuable jobs.

We developed a new website that was fast, built credibility and converted visitors into customers.

The Success

Since partnering with Digital Assembly, SkyCo are now generating consistent high-intent traffic that generates contracts for residential and commercial concreting projects Melbourne wide.


Client Review

Digital Assembly helped us get on top of our digital stuff and now we're getting consistent work. Thanks team.

Sandrow Yalda

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