5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog

5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog

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The organic reach of blog posts isn’t very far, especially if you are still in the process of growing your brand.

For many businesses looking to get their name out there, blogging and promoting blog posts can be a great marketing strategy that will give your brand a quick boost within your industry.

Here are 5 Ways to Promote your Blog to Maximise your Readership

1. Create compelling visuals, infographics and images

A blog article can look quite monotonous without visuals. In fact, nobody likes reading a blog post and feeling like they’re reading an essay.

You’d think that providing the necessary information which fulfills the intent of the blog post is good enough for the reader. But, sometimes words are not enough to entice your audience.

Surprisingly, adding a few images, custom-made infographics and even videos in posts removes the tedious feeling of reading an essay, makes articles easier to read, keeps readers engaged, and are more likely to get shared on social media and linked by other websites.

Now, we understand that your blog is not a photography portfolio, so add as many visuals as you need – enough to keep your blog visitors hanging around until the end of the blog post.

2. Boost/promote your blog content on social media

You write an article, publish the content on your blog and publish the blog post link on Facebook – have you noticed that you’ve spent hours writing an article, only to have a Facebook organic reach near to 0%?

If you really want to get your blog seen, we cannot emphasise boosting or promoting your blogs via your focus social networks.

promote post on Facebook

Start with boosting your posts to your target audience for 2 to 3 months. Once you’ve got a good readership, you can retarget people you know would be interested in reading your blog to decrease your CPC (Cost Per Click).

3. Guest posting

Publishing guest posts on relevant, authoritative websites is a great way to market your blog and generate traffic to your blog.

But, what will make people want to click on the link to your website?

Increase your blog following by offering readers something unique and exciting at the end of your guest article, such as an exclusive custom downloadable infographic. Remember, blog readers love visuals.

4. Newsletters are great for promoting new posts

A newsletter is the perfect mode when it comes to promoting blogs and blog posts. There’s nothing better than opening up an email promoting new articles from your favourite blog.

Though it’s important to note that simple newsletters are more likely to receive higher opening rates.

That means, get to the point:

In complete contrast to your blog, remove all the fancy visuals and keep the introduction short – your ‘subject’ should already read that you’ve got some fresh content up on your blog.

Now, all you need is a quick intro and links to your new blog posts.

5. Create custom YouTube videos with blog content

YouTube videos can generate much traction on your blog; not only from your loyal readers, but websites looking to link back to exciting video content.

Hence, you’ll get to grow your blog and become a vital resource to many brands.

By using high-quality content to create fresh video content, your blog will become much more dynamic, as well as engaging. Remember, users prefer watching videos than reading long content pieces.

But, be careful not to post just old blog articles. Throw in contemporary content ideas and resources to create an exciting and new visual finish.

To Sum Up…

Using your blog to stand out and become a reliable source is one of many effective brand marketing strategies.

Although it’s not always easy to get your content in front of readers, there are lots of things you can do to have a successful blog.

Marketing your blog doesn’t happen naturally. You need to implement several strategies one at a time and stick to those that will give you the best results.

Start by creating attractive visuals, boosting your blog posts on Facebook, investing in guest posting on blogs that have a high reach and meet your target audience requirements, creating newsletters to keep your name relevant within the industry and turning your blog content into YouTube videos similar to that of Rand Fishkin’s White Board Friday, for example.

Promoting your blog allows you to share content, engage your target audience, become the ultimate resource for big brands and authoritative websites, and finally, grow your readership.

If you’re ready to start promoting your blog and grow your digital readership, get in touch with our team at Digital Assembly here to discuss your digital marketing needs.

Thanks for reading. I hope you got some value!