6 Ways To Maximise Your Recruitment Website’s Potential

6 Ways To Maximise Your Recruitment Website’s Potential

Starting a website for your recruitment business isn’t a small investment. You need to pay for a domain, design and content. Like with any investment you expect a return, which in this case means your online presence resulting in more business coming your way.

There’s a number of things you have to keep in mind in order to create and maintain a great recruitment website in terms of ROI. You should learn the rules and play by them. You’ll find out what they are and how to use them to maximise your website’s potential in this blog post.

1. Your Website Has to Work for Your Target Audience

To create a successful website, you first need to establish what it is for. In other words, you need a clearly defined purpose. Is your website meant to actively bring you more clients or just raise brand awareness?

Ideally, you should set clear goals before you create a website. If it’s been already launched, but you’re disappointed with the results, you may still repurpose it in alignment with your recruitment business’s goals.

A crucial element of each business strategy is knowing who your target audience is. Your website should be designed in a way to appeal to your potential clients or candidates. Define your audience by deciding what type of visitors you’re interested in. Trying to appeal to everyone is impossible and often backfires.

Why is it important to be so focused? Because your recruitment website needs to stand out. Google search knows as many as 130 trillion pages. Niche focus is a winner whether you own an agency that’s just starting out or an established business.

This is why your website needs to be able to tell your chosen audience what kind of recruitment you specialise in, and perhaps even more importantly, why they should trust you and not someone else.

2. Prioritize What’s Important

Your website should contain enough information for the visitor to want to speak to you and not someone else about their needs. The trick here is not to forget that some details are more important than others. You should also remember not to clutter your website and make it visually appealing.

When choosing what to prioritise, focus on making people pay attention to the things that your business does differently, your achievements and calls to action. You should also remember to make it easy for potential clients to contact you.

To make important things stand out use the techniques of visual hierarchy when designing or redesigning your recruitment website.
Certain things naturally catch the visitors’ eye easier than others. Take advantage of this by making sure they’ll see what you want them to see first. Last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of white space.

3. Calls to Action Matter

Calls to action (CTAs) are there on your website to make your visitors act immediately. Building on visitors’ initial impression is crucial for conversions. If they think that your recruitment services look great, they should have easy access to them.

There’s a number of rules to keep in mind when deciding on your CTAs. Remember that you want to make everything as easy as possible for your target visitors. That’s why CTAs are most effective when they’re big, visible and catchy.

Another thing to remember is that CTAs should match the design of your website. This is to improve the overall impression of your business. If you’re not sure how to write powerful CTAs, check out these examples from successful companies.

4. Simplicity Is King

Once you know your target audience (see point 1) it’s much easier to decide on its style. In terms of website design, less is more. A crowded website isn’t user-friendly. Chaos confuses visitors and overloaded pages take longer to load.

Start with the basics such as easy navigation. Headers and a drop down menu that allow access to the most important sections of your recruitment website makes a massive difference. If you can’t help but have some complexity on your website due to the services you offer, get a sitemap to make visitors’ lives easier.

Remember that the point of your website is not to answer ALL the questions your visitors and potential clients could have. After all, there’s great conversion potential in them actually contacting you. Focus on FAQ’s to avoid unnecessary communication, but leave the rest of answers for later so that they can help you establish a relationship.

5. Quality Over Quantity. Always.

Both content and images are very important when it comes to making a positive impression on your visitors. You should pay a lot of attention to how you chose them and always favour quality over quantity. A website can (and should) be continuously built on so there’s no need to include everything you can think of at the very beginning.

Graphics dramatically affect conversions. That’s why images you feature on your website should be of high quality. They also need to be representative of the way you want to present your recruitment business.
This is, yet again, in relation to your target audience. Think carefully about what they like. Use common sense – don’t go for loud and funky, if you’re trying to appeal to senior executives in the financial sector. When in doubt, look for inspiration among well-performing recruitment competitors.

The same rules apply to content. The style it’s written in has to appeal to the people whose hearts you’re trying to win. Quality content is easy to understand and not verbose. It should be free of any spelling or grammar mistakes.

6. Make Search Engines Happy

You can put a lot of effort into launching your website and planning every element of it, but it’s all pointless if search engines such as Google can’t find it. The whole point of having an online presence is for people you don’t know through other channels to be able to reach you.

How to make search engines happy? You need to invest in a comprehensive SEO strategy for your recruitment website. Keeping in mind SEO best practices in terms of your on-site and off-site efforts is key to the success of your recruitment business online.

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