How To Drive Consistent Traffic with Evergreen Marketing

How To Drive Consistent Traffic with Evergreen Marketing

It’s easy to get lost in marketing terms and definitions. How are you supposed to know which strategies are going to work? After all, you just want your website to attract more customers.

Today we’re going to explain what evergreen marketing is and, more importantly, how you can use it to create content that sends consistent traffic to your website.

What’s Evergreen Marketing?

Regardless of your background, the word “evergreen” should make you think about something staying a certain way forever.

This image of long-lasting freshness in your mind is exactly what you’re trying to achieve by using evergreen marketing. In other words, you want to have content that never gets old on your website and consistently sends valuable traffic to your website. Evergreen marketing is a strategy that does just that.

Why Is Evergreen Marketing Important?

Writing about industry specific events and news (aka newsjacking) is one of the strategies used in content marketing to attract clicks to websites. It has many benefits as it presents your business as being up-to-date. More importantly, it may bring a lot of visitors to your website from Google searches and newsfeeds etc.

Why not rely solely on this strategy then? News related articles may drive traffic but such a boost is short-lived. What’s more, content that’s topical requires a quick turnaround in terms of writing and publishing. You may not always be able to get a quality article out on time. If it’s late it’s a waste of resources as people are unlikely to be interested in old news.

Evergreen marketing is much less time sensitive. This means that you can take your time to polish it until it’s a top quality piece. In terms of traffic, evergreen content may not bring you a surge of visitors just after it’s published. It may, however, bring in a lot of traffic over time.

Writing Evergreen Content

When finding topics for your evergreen content, you should first consider what’s relevant to your industry and business goals. Writing about very general topics is less likely to bring you traffic as there are many competing articles already available on the web. Even if new visitors appear, it’s unlikely that they’re people interested in your products. We have discussed the importance of attracting the right traffic in our blog post about negative keywords list.

Have you found a good topic? Try approaching it from a new angle or share some industry secrets with your audience. There are websites with more authority than yours so you need to be clever to attract visitors. Apart from providing value, focus on long tail keywords that tend to be less competitive.

Don’t shy away from modern and popular formats. People like informative pieces that are easy to follow. Not everyone is interested in every aspect of your article, which is why it should be easy to scan for relevant information. Consider publishing listicles, how-to articles, business success stories, guides or other types of evergreen content.

One last tip for your business is to avoid anything that’s temporary in such content. Drop time sensitive vocabulary and time references. Of course, there’s a limit to that, but we’ll discuss it more in the next section.

Maintaining Evergreen Content

Including evergreen posts in your marketing strategy is as important as maintaining them. Remember to check up on your posts from time to time to see whether they’re still up-to-date. As much as you should avoid using dates, stats or links are sometimes necessary. You need to keep an eye on these, though as they can become outdated. Particularly redirects that don’t work are bad news.

You should also try to improve your evergreen content over time. The main reason for that is that Google prefers fresh content. You can tap into this preference by adding additional information to your already existing evergreen blog posts and articles. Naturally, the more content you have, the more difficult it’s going to be to keep updating it. This is why you should prioritise updating pieces that are already performing well.

Invest in Evergreen Marketing

To recap, including evergreen marketing in your content strategy is a great idea. You’ll get content that will help your website gain authority as an industry specialist and a sustainable flow of traffic.

No matter how effective evergreen marketing is, it can only play a part in a successful SEO strategy. To boost your SEO and reach the audience you want to target, you need an overarching marketing strategy tailored to your business goals.

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