Get the Most Out of Your Content With Content Stacking

Get the Most Out of Your Content With Content Stacking

Content continues to reign as one of the best ways to bring in customers, set yourself apart from the competition and increase your brand awareness.

But good content is not one size fits all.

To truly reach a broader audience and appeal to a variety of demographics, it’s not enough to just provide a lot of content. You need to provide various forms of it.

People digest content in different ways–some like reading, others prefer watching a video, and others prefer listening. Here’s how you can broaden your reach and appeal to more prospects than ever before by content stacking.

First…What Exactly is Content Stacking?

Content stacking is the process of creating different pieces of content across various mediums. These are based on a larger piece, like a white paper, blog post or even video.

You can use the smaller pieces of content on different marketing channels, like social media, on your blog or your YouTube channel.

By essentially “dissecting” your long-form content, you will benefit from new content pieces that are fairly quick to create.

Tips for Getting Started

Chances are your business already has an informative piece of content that performs better than others, or that is typically the go-to when giving information to new prospects. You’ll want to start with something that is informative because you’ll be breaking apart different aspects of this content to repurpose in other areas.

Once you’ve identified your primary content, here are some ways you can get started in content stacking.

1. Create an infographic

Nothing grabs attention like a great image.  Providing an infographic will appeal to those who are visual learners or just don’t have the time to read a long paper. An infographic works well to complement content that has a lot of statistics or data that you can summarize and highlight in your image. They are easily shareable on social media and your blog.

2. Start a podcast

If you’ve ever wanted to start a podcast but didn’t know where to start, look no further than your existing content. While some people are visual learners, others would rather listen. Create a script that condenses the main points of your paper and record the audio. You can add this to your blog to supplement your content or share via social media.

3. Quote graphics

To drive interest to your paper and entice downloads, try adding quote graphics to your website. Take out those interesting tidbits and stats and highlight them on your site or quote in a blog post.  Link this quote to the primary paper to bring in new leads.

4. Use SlideShare

SlideShare is a nifty tool for turning your text-heavy content into lighter pieces that condense the main points into each slide. You can even your presentation with a link to the main piece, again enticing people to download the primary content.

Reaping the Benefits

Content stacking not only allows you to reach new audiences, but it also serves as a lead magnet for your primary content. You can use your smaller pieces as a teaser to entice your prospects to want to know more.

The content we discussed above allows you to give your audience something for “free” while showing them the value of the larger piece…and they’re all highly shareable on social media.Get in touch with us today and see how we can help with your other digital marketing needs.

Thanks for reading. I hope you got some value!